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Message from the Mayor of London

Congratulations on securing tickets for this summer’s World Para Athletics Championships for your school.

In 2012, London helped to re-define the image of Para sport around the globe. Five years on and London will once again host the world’s greatest para athletes for an unforgettable world championships.

I’m proud London is setting a world first by hosting the World Para Athletics Championships and IAAF World Championships back to back in the same city. This is really exciting for the sport. It’s also fitting that it’s happening at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the venue for London 2012.

These championships present a fantastic opportunity to inspire the next generation of Londoners to live active and healthy lives. I’m delighted that nearly 100,000 school pupils in London will attend the World Para Athletics Championships for what is set to be an incredible summer of athletics.

The event organisers have produced a useful guide for all school groups. Please read the guide carefully and bring a copy with you on the day. It has lots of useful information and tips to help you make the most of your visit.

The atmosphere at the London Stadium will be electric. I hope you and your students have a fantastic day.

Sadiq Khan
Mayor of London

This page covers:


Aim of the School Spectator Guide

The school spectator guide has been written for adults accompanying their group of students to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to watch the World Para Athletics Championships London 2017 as part of the school ticketing programme.

The guide is designed to provide you with a helpful resource to support you in the planning of your trip. It contains advice to help you prepare for your visit, know what to expect on arrival, how to make the most of your day and keep your students safe.

A full risk assessment has been written and is available for you to download from the website here. This should not replace any risk assessments completed by your school, but rather compliment your own safety documents. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the World Para Athletics Championships at the London Stadium in July and creating a fantastic experience for you reminiscent of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. What a perfect way to end the school year – watching the world’s best athletes in our world-class venue.

10 Top tips – to make the most of the World Para Athletics Championships

  1. Check your tickets – know which day you are attending, your bridge access point and venue opening times.
  2. Plan your journey – plan a route to the Championships using public transport and allow for plenty of time.
  3. Food and drink – bring a water bottle you can refill and bring a small packed lunch/snacks. Food and drink concessions are available.
  4. Bags in the Stadium – only bring essentials and carefully check the prohibited items list. Any bags must fit under your seat or in your lap.
  5. Know your sport – do your research about what events and athletes you'll see
  6. Support your team – get behind your athlete/team and be sure to make as much noise as you can for them.
  7. Make the most of your day – explore Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, seek out a memento of your visit from the exclusive schools merchandise offer. Document your day with photos, tweet us about it on @ParaAthletics and share your memories with friends.
  8. Weather – sometimes it rains in London! So check the forecast and prepare accordingly. A rain jacket, sun hat and sun cream might be required!
  9. Accessibility – plan your route, and know the pick-up points available for the accessibility shuttle bus.
  10. Here to help – our school volunteer hosts and wider volunteer team of ‘Runners’ are on hand to help make your day amazing. Look out for them in their purple uniform.




Preparing for your visit

Final checklist - to help you prepare for attending the World Para Athletics Championships London 2017

 Use this list as a guide to help you make final preparations for attending the World Para Athletics Championships London 2017. Make sure you’ve got everything packed before you leave school:

  • Tickets – make a note of which bridge to use
  • Wristbands – must be worn by every student and be completed in marker pen
  • Travel tickets and journey plans
  • Coach VAPP – if applicable and parking reserved
  • Plastic water bottle – that you can refill at the Stadium
  • Packed lunch and snacks
  • Lightweight waterproof coat – sometimes it rains in London!
  • Sun hat, sun cream and sunglasses – if applicable, check the weather forecast
  • Warm clothes if attending an evening session
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Parent/Guardian consent for members of your group
  • Emergency contact details for all members of your group
  • Details of medical conditions and allergies for all members of your group
  • Prescribed medication for group (if required)
  • School spectator guide – print off a copy
  • Walking route map


Plan your travel

If you haven’t planned your travel – please do so now.

During the event, transport services will be extremely busy as lots of people will be travelling to the London Stadium, as well as other commuters and tourists. Please travel in small, manageable groups of 20-30 young people (including accompanying adults) to minimise congestion, keep you safe and ensure groups stay together. Your seats in the stadium have been allocated in school groups, so if you are part of a large school party, you will meet up with everyone on arrival in the seating bowl.

If your school is within a London borough, then you may be eligible for free Transport for London (TfL) school party travel so book now via their website - You must apply at least 14 days in advance of travel, but we advise you to book now. TfL will plan your route and give advice on best times to travel and stations to avoid. We encourage you to heed this advice.

If you require coach parking, please contact to book. There are limited spaces available, therefore booking early is advisable. The cost per vehicle is £20. Once paid, you will be issued with a Vehicle Parking Permit to print-at-school, a map and directions. All parking is fully accessible, with a shuttle service running between the coach park and bridge three at the London Stadium. Please note there are no coach drop off points available on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

If your school is within walking distance of the London Stadium, we do encourage you to walk. Plan your route, test your route and ensure you factor in rest breaks to ease weary legs.

Advice from TfL to help make your travel easier includes:

Before you travel

  • *Check the travel times and route printed on your school travel ticket.
  • *If we have stated the route you should take, please stick to it; your journey will be easier, safer and less congested.
  • *Unless stated otherwise, your ticket is not valid for travel before 0930 (0950 if you’re starting in Zones 1 or 2). You won’t be allowed to travel outside the times on your ticket.
  • *Some stations and services will be very busy. If you are travelling before 1000, we recommend that you don’t change trains at busy stations like Bank-Monument, Euston, Green Park, Holborn, Tottenham Court Road, Waterloo and Victoria.
  • *If we haven’t suggested a route, you can plan your journey at use ‘Edit preferences’ to help you find your best route.
  • *If you’ve got tickets for a morning session, you will have a safer, less congested and more comfortable return journey if you leave Stratford before 1500.
  • *If you’ve got tickets for an evening session, services will be less busy if you arrive at Stratford before 1630.
  • *A few weeks before, try a test run of the route you’re planning to take so you’re familiar with it on the day.
  • *We suggest each child has a contact name and number at your school in case they get separated from your group – use the wristbands issued with your tickets for this purpose. You might find that your mobiles don’t work below ground so a landline might be best.

On the day

  • *Don’t forget your school party travel tickets! You won’t be allowed to travel without them and you will have to pay for your group’s travel.
  • *Please travel within the times stated on your ticket and if you have been given a specific route, please use it.
  • *It may be difficult for everyone in your group to get on the same Tube, bus, tram or train. Travel in small groups, wait for a less crowded Tube, bus, or train and be prepared to get on in separate carriages. You’ll find it much easier if you get ready before your service arrives.
  • *If there is over-crowding, it’s possible that stations will have to close for a short time. You may be asked to wait outside stations before you can enter, or you may be asked to wait in a particular place - prepare your students so they’re not alarmed if this does happen.
  • *Please use all the doors and carriages and don’t all try to get on through the same door.
  • *Before your train arrives at the station, get your students ready to get off the train, counting them off as you go so that you can walk clear of the platform promptly.
  • *Mind the gap! At some stations the gap between the platform and train is large, so do take care, especially with younger students.
  • *Listen for any announcements that might affect you and your group and follow advice given by staff.
  • *Look out for our TfL volunteers - they’ll be wearing pink so you can’t miss them! These volunteers will be able to give you the best travel information and advice on the day.
  • *One of our staff will meet you at Stratford station. They will direct your group out of the station and towards the London Please ask them for other help and advice if necessary.


What to wear

Be comfortable. Be prepared and check the weather forecast. Encourage your students to wear layers, comfortable shoes and bring a hat. It is up to you if you’d prefer your school group to wear their uniform, or something that identifies them as your school group. This might help you to count heads whilst on your trip.

Each student must be wearing their wristband with all contact details complete. The adult/chaperone name and mobile number should be for an adult who is present on the trip. The school name and landline number should be for an adult who will be on call throughout the duration of your trip at school or home (if you are attending an evening session).

What to bring

Please only bring what is essential, and do check the prohibited items list. Any bags must fit under your seat or in your lap. Packed lunches/snacks and a water bottle you can refill is advisable. Food concessions are available, but eating your lunch whilst seated in the Stadium or in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park before you leave might be an idea.

A few ideas of what might be advisable to bring:

  • *Suncream,
  • *A sun hat,
  • *Suitable water provisions, or an empty water bottle that can be filled up on site
  • *A lightweight waterproof coat – weather forecast dependent
  • *Any medication that your students might need
  • *Emergency contact information for your students
  • *Snacks and lunch for each student

Please do not bring any of the items listed below. They will be taken from you at security and slow your entry into the London Stadium. The list of prohibit items includes:

  • *All photographic and broadcast equipment over 30cm in length for non-accredited persons, including tripods and monopods.
  • *Any objects or clothing bearing political statements or overt commercial identification intended for 'ambush marketing'.
  • *Balls, rackets, Frisbees or similar objects or projectiles.
  • *Excessive amounts of foodstuffs – (it would be expected that each young person carries their own packed lunch for consumption in the stands. School groups will be encouraged to ensure that all young people have access to water/a drinks bottle that can be refilled).
  • *Large flags (over 1m x 2m), banners and associated poles.
  • *Noisemakers such as horns, air horns, klaxons, drums, vuvuzelas and whistles or similar items.
  • *Other items that could restrict the view of other spectators including oversized hats and 'golf style' umbrellas. 
  • *Knives, smoke grenades, flares, fireworks
  • *Laptops & personal computers
  • *Laser devices
  • *Canned drinks, glass & bottles
  • *Spiked umbrellas, darts, flag poles
  • *Large radio equipment
  • *Tools or any other items likely to cause injury

Engage your students in what you are going to watch

Have you checked out the timetable of events for the session you are attending? The latest version can be found here. Engage your students to research what events you’ll see, what the rules are, who might be competing and what countries the athletes will be representing.

You could make up your own chant of support for your favourite team/athlete, or you could arrange and run your own Para sport inspired competition within the last few weeks of term.

Starting Blocks is the official education programme for the Summer of World Athletics. It is free to register your school and contains lots of fun and free athletics-themed resources for teachers to use in their classrooms that harness the excitement of the Championships. As well as access to images and videos from previous Championships, there are three fun themes to explore as part of the programme:

  • ASummer of World Athletics introduces young people to the events and excitement of the summer and to the sport of Athletics in PE and sport
  • The World in One Citycelebrates the 200 nations who will come together to compete and their unique cultures using Maths and numeracy
  • Faces of the Summeruses English and literacy to showcase the people who will make the summer great including athletes, their support teams, volunteers, sponsors and organisers

Suitable for 4-15 year olds, check it out now: Starting Blocks
Get active and inspired - Be Part of the Inspiration Programme

The countdown to your trip to watch the World Para Athletics Championships London 2017 is on, BUT the celebration of athletics can start now! There are two great ways your school can get involved in the Inspiration Programme this summer. 

Team Personal Best

Team Personal Best is a campaign to celebrate schools and grassroots athletics this summer. We are asking schools up and down the country to hold an athletics themed event or activity to celebrate our record breaking summer of athletics. This event could be anything at all from a sports day to a parents quiz night or after school track club. Anything that gets your school excited about this summer and has your students ready to see the world class Para Athletes in action. How about an athletics themed bake sale to raise money for your PTA? For more ideas go to

By uploading your event or activity to you are helping us celebrate this golden summer of athletics.


  • *Every school who registers an activity or event before Friday 30 June will be in with a chance to win a very special visit from IAAF World Championship 800m bronze medallist Jenny Meadows to your event or school assembly.
  • *You will also have access to branding and marketing materials in our online pack to help make your Team Personal Best activity or event sparkle!

Free Teaching Resources for Athletics

Access to a bundle of online resources, lesson plans, teachers guides and activity cards to help anyone teaching 5-12 year olds with athletics is available by registering your contact details via  You will get an introductory email and password in 72 hours. Activities include sports day challenges, lesson plans and games. Suitable for 5-12 year olds.

Inform your students parents/guardians of what to expect

Use this guide to help you complete your own risk assessment and safety documents. Similarly pass on relevant pieces of information to your students parents/guardians. Have you read and understood the terms and conditions of the tickets, to ensure parental awareness and consent?


What to expect on arrival

Arrival times

Access to the London Stadium is available 90-minutes before the session start time, which is when the bridges and seating bowl will open.

However, we advise you to plan your arrival and departure heeding the transport advice given above and avoid peak time travel and busy interchange stations. TfL volunteers and staff will meet you at Stratford, Stratford International, Hackney Wick or Pudding Mill Lane stations and direct your group out of the station and towards the London Stadium.

Leaving early/arriving late

Please check what time your session starts, and heed the advice given about traveling safely on public transport be avoiding peak times. You are welcome to arrive later than the session start time and to leave early to help with your travel arrangements. But please note, that there is no re-entry once you leave the Stadium, cross the bridges and move out into Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Walking routes

Please use the map below to help you walk safely through Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. All routes take paths, bridges and pavements that are safe and wide enough to walk in pairs and cross roads safely. Our team of spectator services Runners will be dotted along these routes to help you find your way and answer any questions you might have.

We advise you to access the London Stadium via the bridge marked on your ticket, so please follow the walking routes to this destination from your arrival location.

Approximate walking distances:

  • *Hackney Wick – Bridge 3 = 1.45km
  • *Coach park, bus stop 1 – Bridge 2 = 1km
  • *Coach park, bus stop 10 – Bridge 2 = 1.35km
  • *Coach park, bus stop 20 – Bridge 2 = 1.65km
  • *Stratford International – Bridge 1 = 775m
  • *Stratford station – Bridge 1 = 850m
  • *Pudding Mill Lane – Bridge 5 = 940m



Accessibility overview

  • *Public Transport: Stratford has several accessible transport options, all the details of which you can find at We will be providing a free accessible shuttle bus service between Stratford Station, next to platform 13 which is served directly by the Jubilee Line and the London Stadium. The shuttle bus drops and picks up near to bridge three at the London Stadium. See map for location.
  • *Blue Badge Parking: This is available within our coach parking area, therefore please contact to book. There are limited spaces available, therefore booking early is advisable. The cost per vehicle is £20. Once paid, you will be issued with a Vehicle Parking Permit to print-at-school, map and directions. All parking is fully accessible, with a shuttle service running between the coach park and bridge three at the London Stadium. Or, it is approximately a 10-15-minute walk through Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park from the car park to the Stadium. Please note there are no coach drop off points available on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
  • *Important - Your parking pass will only be valid from 2hrs prior to the start of the session you are attending until 2hrs after the final event of the session. Due to high demand for parking and multiple sessions running we require prompt vacation from the coach park following the morning session to allow enough time for our evening session schools to arrive.
  • *Shuttle Service from the coach park: We will be operating an accessible shuttle bus service to the Stadium free of charge. The shuttle bus will drop you within 50m of the ticket check point at bridge three. At the ticket check point, there will be a dedicated lane for disabled customers and their guests. The shuttle bus will also be available at the end of each session to shuttle spectators back to the coach park. Please be aware that demand for the return shuttle service immediately after the event may be high and take longer to return you to your vehicle.
  • *Assistance dogs are welcome at the London Stadium and we have many attending the Championships. There will be a spending area at the event, this location is to be confirmed and will be updated closer to the time.
  • *Accessible Toilets / Changing Rooms are available on all levels, near the wheelchair bays. These toilets are larger than standard toilets. The changing rooms are wheelchair accessible toilets and include a height-adjustable changing bench, a hoist and room for up to two PAs. These are designed for customers who need hoisting and extra care/support.
  • *Accessible entry lanes are available on each bridge. These are dedicated for disabled customers and their personal assistant to use.
  • *Medication is allowed into the event. Spectators have been advised to bring medication in its original packaging. All spectators are subject to bag searches and any unmarked / unpackaged medication will be confiscated.


Your tickets and wristbands

On arrival at the bridge, your tickets will be scanned by a steward before you pass through security. To minimise queues, please be prepared with your tickets and hand out single tickets to each student before they have it scanned. An adult is encouraged to go through first, so that they can then collect all students as they pass through behind.

If you lose a ticket on route to the event, don’t panic. There will be ticketing operations staff on each bridge to support and resolve any issues promptly.

All students must be wearing a wristband with all details completed in marker pen before they enter the Stadium. The wristbands must remain worn at all times during your visit.

Security protocol

After ticket check, each student and adult will need to pass through security. All bags will be checked and body searches conducted at random. If there is a need for a student to be searched, then an adult will be asked to give consent and to be present throughout. Body searches will be conducted using an electronic security wand.

Please ensure that your students’ parents/guardians are aware of the security protocols and what to expect on arrival to ensure consent is given.



Making the most of your day

School volunteer hosts

Each school group will be allocated a school volunteer host, who will meet and greet you when you arrive at the venue. Look out for them holding tall lollipop signs after you’ve passed through ticket check and security on the bridges. These volunteers will help you find your seats and settle in, before returning to do the same for other arriving schools.

Once all school groups attending that session have arrived, your school volunteer host who will sit with you throughout the session to provide support with information about (but not limited to); toilets, water bottle refill points, food concessions, competition schedule, emergency procedures (should they be required) and provide advice and support during departure.

The aim of these school volunteer hosts is to ensure that all students and adults (assisting your school trip) who attend the World Para Athletics Championships experience a safe, enjoyable and seamless world class event.

Offer your students an exclusive memento

Take advantage of fantastic savings by pre-ordering our exclusive Schools Merchandise Pack! Featuring an official cuddly Whizbee the Bee mascot toy, Notebook Set, Keyring and Bag to keep all the essentials in for your visit to the London Stadium. This pack is available for just £15.00 saving nearly 50% on retail prices. Order online here to ensure delivery to your school before you set off for your Summer of World Athletics adventure.

Make the most of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Plan your walking route through Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to take in the sights, smells, sounds and activities. You might choose to pause for a snack, or find somewhere to have your lunch before travelling back to school. All that we ask is that you take your rubbish with you and use the bins provided to dispose of any litter.

Don’t forget to look out for photo opportunities. In the north of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is the Agitos (the Paralympic symbol used by the International Paralympic Committee), the London 2012 Olympic Bell is situated outside bridge 2 in Mandeville Place, and the ArcelorMittal Orbit is something you can’t miss!

The ArcelorMittal Orbit will be open during the World Para Athletics Championships, and might be something that you’d like to add into your trip to treat your students. You could admire the fascinating views of London from a different perspective; learn more about the UK`s tallest sculpture; or let your students experience the adrenaline of riding the world`s tallest, longest and fastest tunnel slide.

To find out more and to discuss your school’s requirements please contact the ArcelorMittal Orbit team at or call 0333 800 8099 and quote TRADE.
To find out more click here.

Engage in the activities provided to you on the day

We have created an exciting activity pack for your school group. These will be handed to you by your school volunteer host on arrival at the Stadium. We hope that this resource will engage your students during ‘down time’ between competition and on your journey back to school.

The sports presentation team are also planning to put on a show during the breaks in competition – so do look out on the big screen for the “dab cam”, participate in a Mexican wave and watch out for the appearances by Whizbee the Bee, the World Para Athletics Championships London 2017 mascot.

Food and drink

Even though there are food concessions available throughout the London Stadium, we advise you and your students to bring your own packed lunch and refillable drinks bottle.

Toilet provision

There are plenty of toilets available throughout the Stadium, so look out for those nearest to your seating block area on arrival. Within Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park there will be additional provision of accessible portable toilets at each bridge. There will also be provision at the coach park on Northwall Road.


Keeping your students safe


We take the security of spectators, volunteers and staff very seriously. We continue to work with our security partners to make the Summer of World Athletics a safe and secure event.

Security plans remain under constant review. There will be a comprehensive range of security measures in place, some you’ll see, some you won’t. The overriding message is “Be alert but not alarmed.”

You may notice a significant police and security presence at the event as we work closely with our agencies and partners to ensure the safety and security of those attending. We remind you of the need for all of us to remain vigilant. Please enjoy your journey to the event and report anything which causes you any concern immediately.

Duty of care

London 2017 assigns responsibility to the school and its accompanying adults to fulfil a fundamental duty of care to safeguard their students whilst away from school. Young people are at risk of harm or abuse from a range of different sources. The accompanying adults will be responsible for minimising the risk of harm by identifying and managing potential risks and having a positive and open relationship with the students in their care.

Please ensure that you have enough accompanying adults to support your group dependent on the needs and ages of the students you are planning to bring.

London 2017 believes that the adults accompanying your school trip should:

  • Be aware of situations which may present risks and take appropriate actions
  • Make sure that a culture of openness exists between themselves and the students in their care so that it is possible for either party to raise or discuss any issues or concerns
  • Make sure there is a sense of accountability amongst all accompanying adults so that poor practice or potentially abusive behaviour does not go unchallenged
  • London 2017 accepts no responsibility for the duty of care for the students in your care.

Child protection

Adults accompanying your school group play an important role in taking primary responsibility for the safety of the students in their care at all times.

Accidents and incidents affecting students can occur at any time and often unexpectedly. They include, but are not limited to:

  • *Assault including physical or sexual
  • *Severe verbal aggression, including threats
  • *Robbery or accidental loss of personal belongings
  • *Traffic accident
  • *Abduction
  • *Missing without permission
  • *Accidental injury
  • *Fire
  • *Bomb or hostage threat

Any child protection incidents or allegations should be immediately reported to your school volunteer host, runner or stadium steward who will then report this on to the London Stadium Safeguarding Liaison Officer. All incidents will be handled in strictest confidence and appropriate steps taken. If information comes to light suggesting that a student has been harmed which could result in criminal proceedings against an adult, steps to notify the relevant authorities (i.e. police and social services) and/or relevant organisation will be taken.

Only in the case of a major incident, or where necessary, when the students parent/guardian needs to be contacted, this should be done by the school at an appropriate time and in discussion with the London Stadium Safeguarding Liaison Officer.

Lost child procedure

In the event of a student becoming lost or separated from your group whilst on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park or within the London Stadium itself, please inform your school volunteer host, a Runner or stadium steward immediately. They will report this through to the stadium steward team who will activate lost child procedures.

We have runners and stadium stewards positioned across all areas of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and throughout the London Stadium so support is never too far away, and the risk of a student going the wrong way is minimised. 

To help us reduce this risk further we ask that you ensure all your students wear their wristband at all times with your school name, landline number and accompanying adult/chaperone name and mobile number clearly marked on it. 

Photography and film policy/disclaimer

Please ensure that parents/guardians are aware and consent to the ticket terms and conditions, specifically clause 8: ‘Your voice, image and likeness may be recorded at the Venue. You agree to waive all rights to the worldwide broadcasting or other dissemination of such recordings in any format’.

First aid provision

Venue medical services at the London Stadium will provide first aid cover throughout each session. Stadium stewards can call for first aid assistance to the stand, should this be required. Alternatively, there are multiple first aid points that can assist with “walk-in” treatment. Ensure that you are in receipt of any medication information or allergies relating to your students. 

Be prepared

If travelling in a large school group, do plan for the unknown. Set a rendezvous point in case you get separated. Don’t rely on mobile signal, it can be compromised with a volume of users in the same vicinity, so have a plan B.



Q. When will we receive our tickets and wristbands?
A. You should have received your tickets and wristbands last week (week commencing 5th June). They were sent recorded delivery for the attention of the lead adult who had originally applied for your tickets. If you have any queries please call the London 2017 Ticketing Customer Service Team on 033 3234 3999; standard opening hours are Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00. Please include your customer reference number in any communication.

Q. Are you able to send us a risk assessment?
A. Our risk assessment is available to download here. Please note, our risk assessment is a working document that will continue to be revised as the event draws closer. It is our assumption that you will use our risk assessment document to complete your own risk assessment of the whole trip.

Q. Do our tickets provide us with free travel?
A. No, your ticket is purely for entry into the London Stadium. However, if your school is within Greater London and eligible for free Transport for London school party travel then book now via their website . You must apply at least 14 days in advance of travel, but we advise you to book now. TfL will plan your route and give advice on best times to travel and stations to avoid. We encourage you to heed this advice.

Q. Can we park near the London Stadium?
A. Yes, but there are limited spaces available, therefore booking early is advisable. If you require coach parking, please contact to book. The cost per vehicle is £20. Once paid, you will be issued with a Vehicle Parking Permit to print-at-home, map and directions. All parking is fully accessible, with a shuttle service running between the coach park and bridge three at the London stadium. Please note there are no coach drop off points available on the park.

Q. Can we walk to the London Stadium?
A. Yes, if your school is within walking distance, we do encourage you to do so. Plan your route, test your route and ensure you factor in rest breaks to ease weary legs.

Q. What should we do if we are going to be late?
A. Don’t worry. The bridges will remain open throughout the session, so you are able to arrive at any time.

Q. Can we leave before the end of the session?
A. Yes you can. You can leave whenever you’d like to.

Q. Can we leave and re-enter the London Stadium?
A. No. There is no re-entry. Once you leave the London Stadium, i.e. pass across the bridge back into Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, you will not be able to re-enter.

Q. What happens if we bring too many bags with us or inappropriate items?
A. Inappropriate items will be confiscated (where necessary) by the security team. Adults and students will be asked to declare them and hand them over. The items won’t be returned – even after the event. There are no ‘left luggage’ provisions, so please ensure you follow our advice and guidance.