Para Athletics - My London Memories

Gold medallists from the London 2012 Paralympic Games share some of the best memories of the games.

14/03/2017 16:00

Markus Rehm, T44 long jump: “Personally for me the most emotional moment was to get my first Paralympic medal in London. Listening to the national anthem, seeing the flag waving with my parents in the crowd waving to me crying, that for me was the most emotional moment I’ve had so far. This is always what I like to think of when I think of London."

Aled Davies, F42 discus and shot put: “It was the fact that disability was accepted. I didn’t wear a pair of shorts until I was 16 and I saw children walking about the park with prosthetic limbs and other disabilities. They had shorts and vests on because the weather was nice. I never had that confidence when I was young but it was just acceptable. There’s your legacy right there. That always stands out. The crowds too. Having massive crowds supporting para athletes, no one had very seen anything like it.”

Marlou Van Rhijn, T44 100m and 200m: "My favourite memory is the last few metres of the 200m final where I lost focus and heard the crowd cheering while going over the finish line first. I knew I was winning and I was enjoying that a little bit too early. So I made a mistake because I could have easily fallen!"

Richard Whitehead, T42 200m: “My memory is probably my first triumph in the Games, the 200m. It was a big one for me and when I crossed the line with my arms in the air, that is a defining pose that I’m now remembered for."

Jason Smyth, T13 100m and 200m: "I think for me the best moment was competing. And I would say standing at the start line. You know when they read through the names; when I heard the crowd… there were no Brits competing so then their next support is the Irish, so just the noise I felt was extremely loud. People wanted you to win; people were there to watch and support you."

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